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The Build Her Mentorship Program


ABOUT Build Her

The Build Her Mentorship program is designed to provide women in the commercial construction industry the opportunity to realize their full potential through connecting and building trusting relationships.

Through a structured yet flexible and confidential platform, mentors and mentees will be guided by implementing SMART objectives and provided with essential ongoing support, training, and coaching, resulting in a mutually benefit experience.



Through a select, diverse group of Mentors, Mentees will be “matched” based on specific goals, experience, and priorities. This information will be provided through the application process and be kept strictly confidential.

Based on the applicants (both Mentees and Mentors) profile information, Mentees will be given 2 to 3 Mentor options to choose from.

1. Once you have been matched with your Mentor/Mentee, introduce yourself to your Mentor/Mentee by phone or email and plan your first meeting, setting aside about an hour. Plan to attend the kickoff program in September to learn more about the program, meet and exchange contact information and meet other participants.

2. Coordinate a one-to-one meeting.

Before this meeting the Mentee or participants should consider – What are my goals? How can a Mentor assist me in meeting these goals? What skills do I need to learn or improve? Articulate at least two goals that your Mentor can work with you on.

At your first meeting, discuss the confidential nature of the mentor/mentee relationship. Discuss the expectations and goals of the Mentee and then set up the general structure and frequency of meetings in accordance with these goals and taking into consideration your mentor’s work schedule and location. It is up to the Mentor and Mentee to determine the exact structure of the relationship; however, the suggested minimum frequency is one in person meeting every 4-8 weeks.

3. Continue to meet regularly in accordance with the agreed upon schedule

4. Attend the Wrap Up Event to provide feedback and hear about other participants’ experiences

If you have questions along the way, please contact the program committee member that notified you of your match.

Ideas for a successful mentor/mentee experience:


Effective Mentors

  • Encourage the exploration of ideas and risk taking in learning
  • Provide appropriate and timely advice
  • Serve as a confidant for work-related issues
  • Help mentee to shift his/her mental context
  • Suggest appropriate skills training
  • Serve as a source of information and resources


Effective Mentees

  • Be open to receiving feedback and coaching
  • Take responsibility for your own professional growth and development
  • Keep commitments agreed to with your mentor
  • Be prepared for meetings with specific questions or a discussion topic


Ideas for in-person meetings:

  • Send an article to your Mentee to discuss during your next meeting/phone call
  • Attend an BWiC event together
  • Visit a relevant project together
  • Introduce your mentee to someone who would be a good contact for her
  • Work on a volunteer project with your mentee
  • Lunch, dinner, coffee
  • Visit each other’s office


BH Mentor Application 

BH Mentee Application

BH Protection of Confidential Information (Link)

BH Establishing Agreements Document (Link)

BH Suggested Reading List for Mentors & Mentees (Link)

BH Program Information & Suggestions for Mentors & Mentees (Link)

BH Topic Suggestions for Mentors (Link)


Program Timeline (more info coming soon)

August 15, 2024 Application Deadline, Match Recommendations to Mentees

September 2024 Kick Off Event

Monthly Check-ins with Mentor Advisory Committee

February 2024 Luncheon

June 2024 Wrap-Up Event

Additional Resources (link) TBD