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Each legislative session, more than 7,000 bills are filed with a possible impact on the states’ construction industry and its employers.

Legislative & State Agenda for 2017-2018

The 2017 AGC MA Strategic Plan calls for AGC MA to pro-actively advance the interests of CM’s at the State House. In response, AGC MA has re-tooled its government relations efforts by creating a new AGC MA Legislative Advocacy Committee, chaired by Mike O’Brien of Gilbane.

AGC MA Bills filed for 2017-2018 Legislative Session

Each legislative session, more than 7,000 bills are filed with a possible impact on the states’ construction industry and its employers. They are filed by legislators on behalf of constituents, by trade groups such as AGC MA, or by the building trades unions.

AGC MA Lobbyist Patrick Huntington will review the bills and notate any affecting both commercial and public construction, workers compensation, other employer insurance mandates and any other bills impacting construction firms. AGC MA Staff and volunteers will then conduct a more careful analysis of the targeted bills to further synthesize onerous pieces recommending positions to strongly oppose, support, and/or strongly support.

Summary of AGC MA bills Filed for the 2017-2018 Legislative Session

AGC MA Political Action Committee (PAC)

AGC MA ALSO teams up with Board of Directors to champion a continual, successful AGC MA Political Action Committee (PAC) campaign.

AGC MA PAC was created to promote and protect our members interests to advance AGC’s legislative agenda on Beacon Hill.

AGC MA has filed 5 bills for the 2015/2016 legislative session promoting CM/GC interests. These include correcting the faulty court decision on CM at Risk, preserving notices of contract for CM/GC’s in the Prompt Pay statute, and improving public construction contracts.

In 2014, AGC MA passed legislation protecting our members interests by aligning with industry allies on a jointly crafted bill to fairly assign and cap retainage among the parties including owners.

Over 7,000 bills are filed each session on Beacon Hill by competing interest groups. While the AGC MA Legislative Committee proposes, reviews, and closely monitors bills impacting the construction industry, the AGC MA Political Action Committee plays a critical role in protecting our members interests by forging political alliances with key legislators through campaign contributions pooled by AGC MA members.

Investing in the AGC MA Political Action Committee allows AGC MA to have a greater collective impact on legislative campaigns by; enabling AGC MA to contribute to candidates who support AGC MA’s agenda at the State House, aids AGC MA Staff and Lobbyist access to key legislators and their staff at political fund raisers at State House meetings, levels the playing field with competing interest groups and most importantly, empowers AGC MA to slow or stop bills harmful to AGC MA members.

For more information about the AGC MA Political Action Committee, please contact
Robert Petrucelli, AGC MA President & CEO, AGC MA PAC Treasurer