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AGC MA Building Advancement Externship

Brought to you by the AGC MA WFD Taskforce

The Building Advancement Externship (BAE) offers a unique professional development opportunity connecting your classroom directly to the construction industry. This program will provide experiential learning led by sophisticated commercial construction professionals. AGC MA staff and contractor firms have constructed a comprehensive overview of the industry from the field to the office.  By taking part in the AGC MA Building Advancement Externship, you will learn:

  • Industry trends
  • Core competencies for different construction careers
  • Vocational and educational pathways into the commercial construction industry


The Building Advancement Externship was created by the AGC MA Workforce Development Task Force to enrich both vocational and core academic teachers’ understanding of the various career paths in commercial construction and relate core competencies in the industry to skills illustrated by your students. AGC MA hopes to develop lasting relationships with externs to build awareness of the construction career paths available and inform educators, parents, and students to the highly rewarding opportunities available for everyone.


The externship has been designed to offer a background on the business of commercial construction, an overview of field training and safety programs, and information on project management and industry innovations.

This will be accomplished through a hybrid learning model conducted August 5-9, 2024. All externs will take part in the same programs daily as a cohort.

This cohort of externs will be expected to complete all 5 days of learning and to provide draft lesson plans and evaluations to improve the AGC MA Building Advancement Externship program for future cohorts.

A detailed draft schedule will be available here. Topics and times may be subject to change.


The AGC MA Building Advancement Externship will offer unprecedented access to leading commercial construction industry contractors and lay the foundation for an ongoing relationship between your school and AGC MA members. In addition, the Massachusetts Construction Advancement Program (MCAP) has provided a grant funding stipend of $3,000 - $4,000 per educator to be paid at the end of the program.


2024 Applications will be open from March 1st to May 31st!
Notifications of acceptance will be sent by June 28, 2024.


As a part of its continuous workforce development initiatives, AGC launches FUTURE BUILDERS: CAREERS IN COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION INSIGHT & NEWS. The first of its kind publication offering real-world insight to educators on ways to inspire students to break into the commercial construction industry and provide resources on how to engage with the industry through project site tours, informational programs, internships, and more.

Brought to you by the AGC MA Communication Advisory Committee:

The AGC CAC is an advisory committee focused on delivering relevant industry content through various publications including the Future Builders: CAREERS IN COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Insight & News publication for educators, parents & students in MA.

Tom Dunn, Editor in Chief, Attorney, Pierce Atwood, LLP

Nicole Harrison, Content Director, Erland Construction

Elena Lelchuck, Customer Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Catie McMenamin, Construction Marketer, C.E. Floyd

Shelly Peckham, SP Strategic Marketing & Communications Consultant

Nakaila Pollard, Internal Affairs Manager, Janey, Co.

Tim West, Director of Marketing, Gaston Electrical