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Construction Near Sensitive Facilities – Concerns and Mitigation

Vibration and noise associated with construction activity has the potential to disrupt nearby sensitive facilities. Hospitals, universities, and research Institutions are common examples that present potential adjacencies of concern.

This panel will discuss tools that are used to monitor the construction vibration and noise inside the facility, at the location of the sensitive receiver.

The instrumentation used is much more sensitive than conventional construction vibration monitors – in many cases the vibrations of concern are well below the threshold of human perception. These tools cannot eliminate vibration and noise, but through monitoring, alarm notifications and live data streaming, the negative impacts can be minimized, allowing the construction and the sensitive work to coexist.

Panelists: (L to R)

Dennis Close, Senior Project Manager at Walsh Brothers, Incorporated

Ethan Brush, Principal Noise and Vibration Consultant at Acentech

Marc Fishman, Project Executive at Walsh Brothers Inc.



Moderated by Jeff Zapfe, PhD, Principal | Noise & Vibration, Acentech