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Whats Next: Asset Management, Telematics and Planning


Moderator: Kenneth Calhoun - Altec Inc.



Jeff Marr Jr. - Marr Scaffolding

Stephen Connolly - ATS Equipment

Jonathan Julian - JJ Kane Auctions

Tom Benedetti – MiltonCAT

John Pylant - TrackUnit


This panel will address key issues at the intersection of technology and strategic planning in managing assets. The focus will be on harnessing the power of telematics for effective asset management. We will delve into optimizing maintenance practices by leveraging telematics data, exploring decision-making processes for making repairs versus replacements, as well as explore the evolving landscape of regulatory compliance, the integration of safety technology, and its impact on operators. The panel aims to provide comprehensive insights into leveraging telematics for strategic asset management, considering both maintenance decisions and the broader implications of compliance and safety in the industry.