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AGC MA is trusted to represent most of the signatory general contractors and construction in the union construction market.

The Labor Relations Division (LRD) is the convening body for all AGC MA signatory members.  It provides regular updates on industry issues including labor relations activity, union benefit funds, and the collective bargaining process.

An Executive Committee of signatory constructor members leads the LRD including managing multiple subcommittees focused on Market Recovery, workforce development, and benefit funds issues. The LRD appoints trustees to multiple union benefit funds, forms negotiating committees for collective bargaining, and brings labor relations issues to the AGC MA Board of Directors.

The LRD has a designated seat on the AGC MA Board of Directors


Committee Information


Meeting are held:

  • Quarterly Executive Committee Meetings
  • Annual Signatory Constructor Meeting
  • Annual All Signatory Meeting
  • Subcommittee Meetings as needed
  • Bargaining Unit Meetings during Contract Negotiations


Requirements for joining:

  • Constructors must be signatory with Carpenters or Laborers Unions
  • Subcontractors must be signatory with one or more building trades union
  • Members may assign bargaining rights to


The Labor Relations Division brings together construction professionals to aid in:

  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  • Labor Agreement Interpretation
  • Labor & Jurisdictional Disputes
  • Labor Mediations & Arbitrations


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