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AGC MA Celebrates 85 Years of Building Excellence



Founded in 1935 by a group of commercial general contractors, AGC of Massachusetts was an outgrowth of the prior New England Branch of the AGC of America located for several years at 902 Park Street in Worcester, according to a 1931 Annual Report. Since then, your AGC has been a powerful voice for the commercial building industry throughout the Commonwealth. For 85 years, AGC MA has effectively promoted and protected the interests of the GC and CM at the State House, with the Building Trades, Owners & Designers and with state and federal regulatory agencies.


For 85 years, hundreds of GC’s and CM’s have performed a majority of commercial, institutional and vertical public construction projects in the Commonwealth – and for 85 years, AGC MA members have enjoyed the advantages of the myriad of committees, task forces and profit-building programs services offered  by AGC MA. Whether the interaction is through a jobsite safety inspection or specialized accident prevention training; or participating in collective bargaining negotiations as part of the Labor Relations Division; or attendance at our popular risk forums or technical series; or networking with peers at local Chapter or AGC of America forums, Member firms understand the value of the “AGC MA Advantage”.


Our sincere appreciation to all the general contractors who have contributed to the success of AGC since 1935 – AND - to the 100+ Construction Managers, Subcontractors, OPM’s and Service Providers who currently support AGC MA and its mission to advocate for industry best practices in the Commonwealth.


A few AGC MA initiatives planned for 2020:


  • Through a grant from the MA Construction Advancement Program (MCAP), AGC MA will hold its second statewide Opioid Stand-Down as part of its Building the Path to Recovery campaign to eliminate Opioid use in the commercial construction industry. The goal of the 2020 stand-down is to raise awareness, provide resources and reduce the stigma involved with opioid use. The AGC MA Safety Committee, chaired by Eric Stallman (Marr) will collaborate with OSHA and various industry partners such as ASM and BTEA to hold its Opioid Stand Down Day during the last week of April, which is being designated as Building Trades Recovery Week that will also include presentations and educational programs in an effort to generate massive public awareness.


  • Concerns about worker availability remain, with more than 80% of respondents to the November AGC of America poll stating that they continue to have difficulty filling needed positions. Contractors throughout the country expect to hire more workers in 2020, and the Northeast has the highest percentage of firms expected to add personnel. As part of its most recent Strategic Plan, the AGC MA Workforce Development Task Force chaired by Bill Aalerud (Columbia) has committed to tackling the obstacles of workforce development and diversity within the industry. In 2020, the Task Force will launch a statewide outreach and educational campaign promoting the benefits of careers in Construction Management. The campaign will encourage students in elementary, middle or high school to consider a career in construction and assist those who are preparing for their first jobs in the industry. The campaign will also re-educate students, guidance counselors, teachers, parents and the general public on the opportunities in CM.


  • Members rely on AGC MA as an industry thought leader and have recently reached out to inquire how the association can expand or assist with establishing internal diversity programs for their employees. The result: the AGC MA Building Women in Construction (BWiC), chaired by Carli Cabana (Siena Construction) and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee, co-chaired by Dave Cullinane (Consigli Construction), Eudad Gonzalez (Turner Construction Co.), and Nina Radzim (Gaston Electrical ) plan to meet with industry allies to launch a multi-media awareness, Building Respect Campaign to provide AGC MA members tools, information and collateral to help build a workforce culture that is equitable and safe for everyone.


  • For the past seven months, AGC MA has been in discussions with NERCC regarding reaching consensus on several contractor and employer-friendly amendments to the Wage Theft Legislation, a bill that seeks to impose vicarious liability on lead contractors and subcontractors for wage violations incurred by lower tiered subs and sub subs. AGC has vigorously opposed the legislation for a number of years. However, the discussions have centered on introducing additional guardrails and limitations of liability for contractors who play by the rules. Stay tuned.


  • Your AGC MA Board, chaired by Bill Aalerud, (Columbia Constrtuction) will be caucusing at a special session on January 29 to synthesize & prioritize the many regional pressures & challenges delve into a host of pressing issues facing AGC MA and its members in the next 3 years. Some of the issues to be examined will include: Resiliency, Productivity, Housing, Transportation, Better Connection to the City, the Build Environment, Understanding Emerging Markets, CM’s Changing Role in Project Delivery Systems, etc. The goal will be to develop a pro-active (not reactive) strategy and action plan to maximize AGC’s effectiveness.


After 100 Years, AGC MA will Continue to Build Excellence:


In 2023, AGC MA will continue its advocacy on behalf of its members and the industry by offering cutting edge safety, technical, educational and other career advancement programs and services; labor relations and HR support; legislative advocacy; public agency representation, and business development platforms such as networking events and publications for its members.