• Millennium Tower

  • Suffolk Construction Millennium Tower Team leading the way on SAFETY

    Fall Protection

    As a trade association we are always striving to stay ahead of the curve on construction trends.  So when you look at Downtown Crossing and you see this…

    …you stop and take notice.  What is the yellow contraption around the outside of the building?  For people unfamiliar with it, it’s commonly referred to as “the cocoon”.  The actual name of the system provided by Peri is LPS Light Protection Screen

    Some highlights of the system…

    1. It’s on rails so the panels move up with the building.
    2. Offers floor to ceiling fall protection for stripping forms, and protects debris, equipment & people from falling.
    3. Handrails and scrim installed prior to jumping the system so there is no fall hazard and no need to tie off.
    4. Built-in 4’ perimeter fall protection when the forms are laid. No guard rails, no toe boards or debris netting required.

    Fire Safety

    Everyone has been talking about the adoption of NFPA 1 and NFPA 241 plans.  Millennium Tower has all the latest fire protection systems in spades.

    Some highlights of their 241 plan…

    1. Flammable Storage: Safe distance away, outside the building, and labeled.
    2. Command post:  NFPA 241 “A suitable location at the site shall be designated as a command post and provided with plans, emergency information, keys, communications, and equipment, as needed.”
    3. Voluntary Compliance: A pressurized dry standpipe installed prior to the new regulation.
    4. An awesome Fire Prevention Program Manager (FPPM)

    Doug Standbridge has put together a fantastic program and maintains it to a very high standard. 

    Thanks for the tour and an education. 

    Well done Doug Standbridge, Rich Michaels and the Millennium Tower team!

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