• Workforce Development Committee

  • 2017 Committee Members:

    Chair: Joe Albanese, Commodore Builders, Inc.

    Chair: Joe AlbaneseCommodore Builders  



    Bob Petrucelli, AGC MA President & CEO



    Committee Members:


    Emil Frei, Berkeley Builders

    John Ferrante, BTEA  

    Pam Fischer, Construction Coordinators

    Lori Corsi, Dimeo Constructio

    Diana Skilling, Gilbane

    Mike O’Brien, Gilbane

    Milton Benjamin & Senam Kumahia, KAGE Growth Strategies

    Beverly Johnson, (Bevco)/MMCA

    Tony Starr, Mints Levin

    Kristen Gowin, NECA

    Rich Fisher, Red Wing Construction

    Brendan Carter, Lisa Frisbie, Bob Petrucelli |AGC MA

    The Workforce Development Committee is dedicated to supporting and expanding efforts to recruit, develop, mentor and support all prospective candidates in the Construction Industry. AGC MA and our Members invite an open discussion on the importance of promoting a diverse business culture and the value it brings to the built environment.

    If you would like to learn more about the AGC MA Workforce Development Committee or get involved please contact
    Bob Petrucelli (781) 235-2680

    AGC MA

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