• NEWLY REVISED...THIRD EDITION - AGC Certificate of Management Building Information (CM-BIM)

  • AGC’s NEWLY REVISED Certificate of Management—Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM) THIRD EDITION, is the construction industry’s first and only BIM certificate program that teaches the practical application of the BIM process for commercial construction firms.

    Not just a tech certificate for BIM software and applications, the BIM Program combines the latest information on BIM processes and technologies, step-by-step procedures for integrating BIM into the project delivery process, real-life case studies of successful BIM implementations and the practical issues all parties need to understand when utilizing BIM on a construction project.

    Breakfast and lunch are served for each session.

    AGC MA will offer Units 1-4 during the course of the 2018 calendar year. Upon completion of all 4 units candidates will be eligible to take the exam. AGC MA is an official CM-BIM Exam Site.

    CM-BIM Class Schedule


    CM-BIM Program information: The AGC CM-BIM Site provides policies and procedures related to the exam, a link to the candidates guide, as well as the link to the exam application.


    Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing the way projects are constructed. Whether you are a prime contractor using BIM across an entire project or a subcontractor impacted by a specific BIM implementation, this emerging practice requires new mindsets and technological know-how in order to achieve significant improvements in efficiency and cost control.
    AGC's BIM Education Program — developed in conjunction with leading BIM practitioners, technology firms, and educators—is designed to prepare construction professionals at all experience levels to successfully implement BIM on a construction project.
    Unit 1:  An Introduction to Building Information Modeling
    A full-day course designed as the first step for any company looking to understand the role of BIM in our industry and develop its own “BIM Champion”, Unit 1 provides a comprehensive understanding of BIM terminology while introducing important concepts that are necessary to understand how BIM changes the construction process. The course culminates with participants developing a company BIM assessment to bring back to their organizations to begin implementing on BIM projects and corporate-wide.
    Unit 2:  BIM Technology
    A full-day course designed to provide a neutral introduction to BIM tools. Tools are introduced as they relate to the functions they perform, as well as particular phases in a project where they have the strongest capabilities. Instructors will cover a four-step process of software selection that participants can use as they start the BIM softwarepurchasing process. The course concludes by examining file formats, compatibility, and emerging technology, and how they work together to transform the industry.
    Unit 3:  BIM Project Execution Planning
    A full-day course that begins by articulating the roles and responsibilities for BIM use on a project using contractual BIM addendums. Participants learn how to define terms that are used to negotiate a BIM contract. Building on this knowledge, this course will explore concepts of liability exposure and standards of care that arise from using BIM. The course includes a BIM Execution Plan development workshop that takes students through industry standard templates while providing a detailed outline of all the procedural and substantive activities.
    Unit 4:  BIM Adoption, Implementation, and ROI 

    A full-day course that describes how to establish and execute the BIM process, facilitate its adoption, and achieve integration on a single project and on multiple projects simultaneously. Participants review several real-world case studies to analyze the costs, benefits, and impacts of each decision made while experiencing how BIM breaks down the isolation found in organizational silos. While it may appear at times that BIM is a technology-led movement, the reality – and AGC’s BIM Education Program – speaks to results driven shift with real change happening within the construction industry.

    This program is eligible for MCAP Reimbursement
    AGC Members that are MCAP contributors will receive a 75% reimbursement of the registration fee for this program after the full registration fee is paid to AGC. The maximum reimbursement allowed for each unit is $4,000 per firm.  Attendance is mandatory for reimbursement.

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