DCAMM Upcoming Projects 2013

Massachustts FY 2013 – 2017 Total Bond Cap

Total bond cap will equal $10b.  Out of this capital investment are the following areas:

Higher Education               $1.3b  


Courts     $485m        
Remainder will include energy, transportation, health & safety, etc.    
DCAMM Projects in varying stages of design    
Project  Millions  CM Process
Salem Probate $57M Spring 2013
Worcester State University $51M Spring 2013
Bristol CC, Fall River Technology & Learning $47M Spring 2013
Quinsigamond CC, Science/Tech $23M Spring 2013
W MA Fire Training Springfield $13M Fall 2013
DYS Middleton $45M Winter 2012
DCAMM Projects in Study    
Haverhill District Court Renovation $4M  
East Cambridge District Court Independent Heating Plan $2M  
Hinton Lab Elevator IT & Access Improvements $6M  
Westfield State University Academic Building New Facility    $33M  
Roxbury Community College Academic & Media Arts Building $21M  
Mt. Wachusett Community College Haley Academic Center   $38M  
Mass Maritime Academy Hurley Library Renovation $8M  
BRC Fall River Technology & Learning Center $47M  
Bristol Community College Hawthorne/Melville Renovation $23M  
Umass Amherst Physical Sciences Building $85M  
Umass Lowell New Management Building     $30M  
Umass Boston General Academic Building $100M