• Building Leadership Institute 2018

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    Name: Building Leadership Institute 2018
    Date: March 20, 2018
    Time: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
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    Event Description:
    The high-impact program delivers the strategies and skills industry leaders need most to improve performance and add value:
    • Increase client satisfaction and repeat business
    • Motivate, mentor, develop and retain staff
    • Lead meetings, build teams to fully engage all participants
    • Win work with current and new clients
    • Demonstrate professionalism in difficult communications
    • Improve formal and informal presentation and writing skills
    • Increase time management, organization and prioritization skills
    Program features include:
    • Five monthly half-day seminars, March - July
    • Small (6 – 12 people) group, mixed designers and contractors
    • Focus on applying skills in everyday work
    • Lasting results, not just interesting ideas
    • Strategic planning and business analysis pitfalls and best practices
    • Interaction, insight, support and real challenge
    • Planning professional development beyond project management
    • Individual 360 leadership effectiveness survey and action planning
    What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
    Successful project managers trying to move up to company leadership discover, “What got you here won’t get you there.” They discover several significant shifts:
    Project Manager Focus Leader Focus
    Doing work
    Building buildings
    Managing your project
    Getting the job done
    Work within projects
    One month time focus
    Detail, Tactics, Implementation
    Winning Work
    Building relationships
    Participating in the company overall
    Planning, Delegating, Mentoring
    Coordinating multiple projects
    1 – 3 year time focus
    Bigger picture, Strategy, Innovation
    The Construction Industry Leadership Gap
    Many design firms and construction companies face a critical leadership gap.  Young staff and senior executives are performing at high levels, but they are looking to their mid-level leaders to do more.  As companies grow and mature, they need their mid-level leaders to do much more than just manage projects.
    Many mid-level leaders themselves are frustrated, stuck, at a plateau.  They want to do more, know they can do more, but don’t know what steps to take.  It’s not that their mid-level leaders are unmotivated or apathetic, but that they need a different set of skills to succeed at the next level than the skills that brought them to their current jobs.
    Can Leadership Be Learned?
    No matter how hard they practice, very few golfers will make the Tour.  Yet any golfer will significantly improve performance if he or she trains, improves skills, learns strategies and works hard at smart practice. 
    It’s the same with learning leadership.  Few leaders will become General Patton, Steve Jobs, Jim Welch, Abraham Lincoln.  But any leader who learns key insights, builds skills and works at smart practice will improve performance.
    Who Should Attend
    Participants who get the most from this program typically:
    • Have 10+ years in the construction / engineering / design industry
    • Have 5+ years experience managing projects and have already developed excellent project management skills
    • Are considering career and professional advancement
    • Most important, possess a strong desire to improve their performance and increase the value they add to their company
    Monthly Program Design Maximizes Your Ability To Apply New Ideas
    The program design features 5 half-day seminars spread over 5 months.  This program design reinforces participants’ ability to not just learn ideas but fully apply program insights.
    Most leadership training uses one-time seminars – two-day seminars, four day “retreats,” four day “boot camps.”  This approach is intense and efficient, but ineffective in the long run.  In one-time programs, participants focus on fresh ideas but neglect how to apply what they learn.
    Program Specifics Ensure Lasting Results
    Five Monthly Seminars.  Five sessions provides a critical mass of time to enable participants to improve five different kinds of learning essential for leadership performance.
    Meeting In Participants’ Offices.  After the first program session, we meet in participants’ offices in order to strengthen participants’ ability to apply program skills to their situations.
    Small group, hands-on learning.  Group size of 6-12 participants ensures maximum relevance and focus on your individual interests.  Active, engaged hands-on learning methods ensure high-impact learning and in-depth understanding.
    Start-Up, Pre-Work.  To ensure maximum productivity of program sessions, we ask participants to complete several hours of self-guided pre-work before the first program group seminar.  This enables our discussions to be more thoughtful and worthwhile for all.
    Homework.  There is little traditional “homework” reading or writing.  However, we do ask participants to apply program insights in their everyday work.
    About The Program Leader
    Program leader Dr. William Ronco has extensive experience designing and delivering highly effective training and development for design and construction leaders both in public seminars and custom in-company programs.  He has worked extensively and effectively with global, regional and local design and construction companies.   
    Dr. Ronco wrote the Reports on Leadership, Strategic Planning, Partnering and Teambuilding for the American Institute of Architects’ Practice Management Manual (NY:  John Wiley, 2004, 2005 and 2006) Dr. Ronco:
    • Consults extensively on strategic planning, strategy, construction partnering, business intelligence and leadership development in the design and construction industry
    • Initiated, directs the AGC Young Contractors Professional Institute (now in 16th year)
    • Initiated, directs the Boston Society of Architects’ Young Designers Professional Development Institute  (now in its 17th year)
    • Has led management seminars for Harvard Graduate School of Design, Boston University, Northeastern University and CORENET  (Corporate Real Estate Executives) and the Real Estate Institute in Helsinki, Finland
    • Wrote The Partnering Solution (Career Press) and has led over a hundred design and construction partnering projects including the Big Dig, Massport, Williams College, Harvard University, the Commonwealth of Virginia, EMC Corporation and NY DOT
    • Earned his B.A. at Rutgers University, Ed.M. at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Ph.D. in Urban Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
    Core Competencies / Topic Sequence
    This outline describes the sequence we will follow.  As participation in the program is strictly limited, we will vary program focus and content to reflect specific group priorities and interests.
    Seminar 1.  Taking Stock
    • The 6 essential design/ construction leader competencies:  How do you measure up?
    • What you bring to leadership tasks, your natural strengths and weaknesses
    • Predicting results on our 360 survey of your leadership effectiveness*
    • Defining your own key leadership tasks, prioritizing to achieve lasting results
    • Understanding how to “learn” leadership to achieve real, lasting gains
    Seminar 2.  Improving Core Skills I
    • Interpreting your 360 survey results, developing and implementing your Action Plan
    • Identifying your key communications situations.  Breaking destructive patterns
    • Building core skills in negotiating, influencing, motivating, coaching
    • Improving your time management; re-thinking your real job priorities
    • Strategic thinking to work smarter
    Seminar 3.  Improving Core Skills II
    • Presentation Skills Intensive.  Bring what you actually present, get feedback and coaching, make instant gains and improvements.  Increase comfort and confidence.
    • Fully engage your audience for positive, productive discussion
    • Writing Skills Lab.  Bring your real emails, get feedback and professional editing.  Increase professionalism delivering negative messages.  Draft outlines for publication.
    Seminar 4.  Emotional, Business Intelligence / Strategic Planning
    • What’s your “EQ” Emotional Intelligence and why it matters
    • Business Intelligence, Balanced Scorecard – what they are and how to use them
    • Why, when and how to use surveys to increase client satisfaction
    • What strategic planning is and is not.  Pitfalls to avoid, best practices to adopt
    • Using strategic planning methods to improve your projects
    Seminar 5.  Personal Vision, Continuous Improvement  
    • Writing and using a Personal Vision Statement to clarify and reach goals
    • “Initiating Structure” processes to make strategic improvements in your company
    • Setting goals that are most meaningful to your company and you
    • Anticipating, managing change with intelligence and comfort
    • Learning to learn, planning your next steps for development and growth
    Special Program Feature:  Individual 360 Degree Survey
    We are pleased to make our copyrighted 360-Degree online Leadership Communications Survey available at no additional charge to program participants.  Thousands of industry leaders have found that the survey provides valuable insight, and used them to achieve real improvements. 
    We explain the survey in detail in the first program session.  If you choose to work with it, you control who receives it.  We tabulate the results and provide you with a written report.  We work with you to help you analyze your results and develop a meaningful action plan.
    Program Fee, Comparisons, Cost-Benefit
    Fee for the five-session program is $2,595, ($1,695 for AGC members).  This fee compares very favorably with one-time leadership retreats and seminars. One five-day leadership institute program costs $6,400.  A four-day university leadership seminar costs $4,800.  None of these one-time programs comes close to delivering the lasting results of the five-session Building Leadership Institute program.
    AGC Member MCAP contributing firms receive a 75% reimbursement of the registration fee, up to a total of $4,000.00 for this program after full registration is paid to AGC.  This can reduce your cost to $423.75.  Contributing firms are those who are signatory to union contracts with carpenters and related trades, laborers, and plasterers and cement masons.  Please check with Barbara Canoni at the AGC (781-786-8917) if you have any questions about this.
    Considered as an investment, the fee provides outstanding returns.  The BLI program:
    • Improves immediate job performance and productivity
    • Helps participants take on new tasks and responsibilities
    • Provides development and recognition for neglected “good performers”
    • Increases job satisfaction, morale, energy and focus
    • Especially focuses on skills that increase the value participants add to the company
    • Strengthens participant’s working relationships with clients and others in your company
    Register online today!
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    Tell Us About Yourself
    To help us plan and focus program content, would you please take a few moments to provide us with background information on yourself.  Email your responses to program director William Ronco at wronco@gatheringpace.com
    1.  What is your current job title, including major roles and responsibilities?
    2.  Tell us the key points that describe your work history, recent and long term progress, changes in roles, etc.
    3.  What do you consider to have been 2-3 major successes you’ve had?
    4.  What do you consider to have been 2-3 of you major shortcomings or disappointments?
    5.  What tasks / aspects of your job provide the deepest levels of job satisfaction?
    6.  What major competencies do you want to develop?
    7.  What are your major feelings, hopes, concerns about yourself in the next 10 years?
    8.  What outcomes would you like to achieve as a result of participating in the program?
    Various locations
    Date/Time Information:
    March 20 - April 19 - May 17 - June 14 - July 17
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Contact Information:
    Barbara Canoni
    AGC members - $1,695.00
    Non Members - $ 2,595.00
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