• BWiC Mentor Group


    Anyone can benefit from Mentorship programs at any stage of their career. BwiC members stand ready to help you succeed by offering opportunities to:

    • Learn new skills
    • Achieve bigger goals
    • Better adjust to change
    • Make better decisions
    • Develop stronger values
    • Develop greater confidence
    • Turn weaknesses into strengths
    • Obtain opportunities to network with experienced mentors
    • Grow networks and future potential
    • Work through difficult situations
    • Connect with learning partner who believe in you and your ability
    • Make the appropriate personal and professional decisions
    • Improve relationship management skills with mentor
    • Plan your progress to bigger achievements
    • Communicate with resourceful mentors
    • Gain a third-party nonjudgmental perspective
    • Overcome obstacles and challenges


    Each of the BWiC Mentors offer a wide range of experience and skills that can support your professional goals. Visit their LinkedIn pages to review their profiles, then contact us to request a meeting.


    Christy Murphy, Senior Project Manager | Compass Project Management, Inc.





    Katrina Walther | Assistant Superintendent | SUFFOLK





    Siggy Pfendler | Director of Virtual Construction | Columbia Construction Company





    Jillian Zafirs | Estimator | Trinity Building and Construction Management Corp.





    Danielle (Arciero) O'Connell | Sr. Manager, VDC Services - Innovative Construction Solutions |Skanska USA




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