• YCPI 2017 First Person Blog Overview / Why? What?

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    The YCPI 2017 First Person Blog is a series of brief blog posts written by YCPI participants that delivers their first-person accounts of YCPI workshops.
    The blog has two purposes:
    • For people not participating in the program, to provide a description of the unique kinds of learning that occurs in program sessions.  Lectures?  No.  College classes?  Not really.  Networking events?  Not that either.  YCPI sessions don’t fit the mold of the kinds of learning events most people are familiar with.  We thought the best way to describe the sessions is to ask participants to write about them from their own points of view.
    • For program participants, to provide an opportunity to refine their writing skills and get published on the AGC web site.  Writing skills are becoming increasingly important in the industry.  Beyond emails, participants may be asked – or want to – write project proposals, project profiles, marketing materials or blog posts for their companies.  This blog can provide a useful first step.
    Comments?  Suggestions?
    As this is our first year posting the blogs, we’re very interested in readers’ comments and suggestions.  Please send them to me directly at wronco@gatheringpace.com
    Bill Ronco
    William Ronco, Ph.D.
    Program Leader, AGC Young Contractors Professional Institute (YCPI)
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