• The Story: ABX 2016

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    What is ABX?
    From November 15th to 17th, ABX spread its arms throughout the sprawling corridors and exhibit hall of the BCEC. For what you ask? Well, ABX not only attracts architects and designers, but rather brings in professionals from all over the industry including contractors, developers, engineers and even manufacturers. 

    What do people do there?
    Most participants attend courses offered by fellow industry professionals throughout the three days. Some of this year’s courses highlighted Modern Marketing & Business Development, Planning Cities, Building Enclosures and Energy Systems, Technologies, and Housing. However, most visitors will tell you it is easy to get lost for hours exploring the endless booths spanning the exhibit hall floor. Whether shopping for new technology for business, or planning an upcoming (or dreamt about) home renovation, the exhibit hall has it all!

    Did someone say Virtual Reality?
    Well this year’s presentations highlighted some of the latest technologies being implemented throughout the AEC industry, and featured a well-attended Virtual and Augmented Reality demo. This group, made up of thirteen different companies, showcased their work on the showroom floor at an exhibit titled “Immersive Visualization for AEC using VR and AR.” Each visitor of the exhibit had an opportunity to throw on a VR headset and fully immerse themselves in a virtual building – visitors to the virtual space could walk and look around, or even throw furniture or materials across a room if so desired.  Although a bit disorienting at first, the interactive experience exceeded the expectations of many and truly got people excited about the future of VR, AR, and design and construction technologies.
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