• BWiC Profile Featuring Stacy Roman | LEED AP, CM-Lean, Project Manager, Commodore Builders

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    Stacy grew up among a family of doctors and lawyers and naturally assumed she would follow the same path. As a young girl she had a unique combined passion for building with Lego’s, drawing and all things science, so with the guidance of her Mom and Dad, opted for a different road and attended Wentworth for Architectural Engineering.

    Prior to graduating from WIT, she co-oped at Harvard University, Gale Associates and A.J. Martini. Due to the recession she then moved to Florida after graduating, (where she is originally from) and joined Skanska for four years as Assistant Project Manager. During this time, she married her college sweetheart, who is also in the industry as a senior project manager. They picked up and moved back to Boston where she signed on with Shawmut for two years as an APM. After the second recession in 2010, she began her career at Commodore Builders and has never looked back.

    Stacy admits that although the work has been demanding, she could not enjoy it more. Every day brings a new challenge and states as a PM you are the “President and CEO of your projects”. Whether it’s managing material procurement, change and cost management or client services, it all comes down to accountability and building relationships.

    Now with two young children (3 and 5), it’s a whole new ball game. Stacy shares that Commodore was entirely supportive through-out both pregnancies, even when she had some major health issues. Today’s mobile work environment allowed her to stay engaged; in fact she says she never missed a beat and discovered there are ways to get around everything if you are determined enough. It also helps that has a very encouraging husband who shares in the work load. Although they work in the same industry, there are no competitive attitudes because the kids have changed the conversation to play dates and commuter duties. It’s an equal partnership to manage personal time with work responsibilities, but Stacy admits it’s often difficult in relinquishing the “you’re the mom” mind set.

    Because she is a mom, she has to be selective of how she allocates her time after hours. Networking and building relationships are critical in the industry, but it’s difficult to attend all of the networking and social events that are out there. She joined BWiC (her first real committee experience) because of the committees’ much focused mission of supporting other women in the built environment in Massachusetts. As the first chair, she has a selfless vision and desire to establish a resource that will support all women in the industry in building their career paths. 

    Looking back over her 14-year career, she was often the only woman on the job-site and says she sometimes had difficult moments, but was able to over-come them by staying focused on what she did best. If she had one bit of advice for people currently at Wentworth, she highly recommends branching out into different roles with various companies sooner rather than later and to be open to connecting with other woman that have more experience and are willing to share and mentor.

    As for her future, she is centered on continuing her growth as a Senior PM and eventually as Corporate Executive. She feels with a strong support system and solid planning her future plans do not have to be put on hold because she has a family. We have no doubt she will accomplish both quite well!

    Thank you Stacy for sharing your experiences and contributing to our mission of Building Women in Construction!
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