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    This is my first day back into a classroom of any sort since I graduated college in 2013. I’m excited and nervous as I had not been in this type of setting in many years. I always wished I had the experience I do now, throughout my time in Construction Management School.  After reading about YCPI I thought to myself, “this is exactly what I had been looking for.”  I hope that over the duration of YCPI I will acquire greater knowledge of construction management, and how to improve myself professionally.

    Prior to the first session, the AGC sent packets of “homework” to complete before our first class. It was graphs with areas to include your goals, (long term and short term), things you do well, things you need to improve on. The other packet included the Myers Briggs instrument, something I had very limited exposure to prior. I completed the packet and anxiously awaited the first class.

    We twenty new registrants in YCPI gathered in Bond Brother’s conference room for the first workshop. I think we all had that “first day of school” nerves or jitters.  We began introducing ourselves and our job titles.  Most of us are within the same age range, and are Assistant Project Managers or Assistant Superintendents.  There are also a few Project Managers and Superintendents.

    After dividing into small groups and discussing our short / long term goals, our idea of where we excel and where our weaknesses lie. It was refreshing to hear that many us are in similar positions.   We are all trying to find our place in construction management industry, become part of the team, contribute highly to our teams and projects. Many of us shared the same goals and aspirations. It was a great chance to hear the thoughts and experience of others.

    We conversed about how we are handling some of the challenges of being a young professional in this industry.  I began describing my goals and how I wanted to attack them in the near future. It shocked me, as my partner began to explain how he had the same goals and how he is going about them. It was great to hear someone your age, and in the similar situations discuss their views on the same concerns and ideas you have for the future.

    Next, we discussed the Myers Briggs test.  I found out after completing the packet that my personality type is ESTJ.   This Type is very black and white, where reality plays a large part, very on schedule and to the point, having a plan of attack and not just going in blind.  I researched ESTJ and found that it was mostly spot on in describing my personality type.
    We broke up into small groups again, but this time by personality types.  It was funny because I felt like our group just naturally clicked with each other because our personalities were so much alike, but I had only met them a couple hours prior, and honestly, I did not even totally recall their name. But there was a natural connection with them and I believe it is due to them sharing the same personality, traits, and behaviors.  It was interesting to hear other people’s personality types and how they go about things, how they view situations and instances because of their own personality.

    Lastly, we took time to hear from professionals who had gone through the program in the past, and how it has helped them tremendously in their career.  Their advice was to dive right in to the program.  They told us, “you get out of it, is what you make of it.”  That’s actually one of the reasons another Colantonio Inc. associate and I volunteered to write this blog post, because we both are here for the long haul and are genuinely interesting in using this course to develop our careers.
    I am personally very excited to go through this program, and very fortunate to have Colantonio backing me up. I have very high hopes for this course and that it will help us professionally. So for that, I thank AGC and everyone involved.
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