• AGC Young Contractors Professional Institute

  • 12 Pragmatic, Results-Focused Half-Day Seminars January – June

  • Build the skills you need most now to:
    • Improve bottom-line job performance
    • Strengthen core competencies, build new skills
    • Learn current best practices for your company
    • Win work with existing and new clients
    • Strengthen relationships with clients
    • Accelerate your career development
    • Increase greater value in your company
    Now in our 13th successful year with 225+ alumni, YCPI features:
    • The most important current skills and topics
    • Scheduling for lasting results and your convenience
    • Hands-on learning methods and tools
    • Four joint sessions with BSA Young Architects
    • New schedule increases your convenience
    • Industry leader expert instructors

    New England’s best construction organizations have sent their best people to YCPI: Archer Corporation, Barr and Barr, Brandeis University, Callahan Inc., J.C. Cannistraro, CCB, Central Ceilings, Charter Environmental, Commodore Builders, Consigli Construction, Dacon Corp., Deiulis Brothers, Elaine Construction, Erland Construction, Inc., C.E. Floyd, T.G. Gallagher, Gilbane, Inc., G. Greene Construction Co. Inc., Greenscape, E. Guigli & Sons, Hart Engineering, North Shore Mechanical, Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, Performance Contracting, W. T. Rich, Sea-Dar, Security, Siena, Skanska, Spaceworks, Marc Truant, Underhill,  R.F. Walsh, Walsh Brothers, Weston & Sampson, Wright Millwork … and many more!

    Program Tuition

    YCPI tuition for AGC members is:

    • $3,000 for first participant from company
    • $2,500 for each additional participant

    Non-AGC members are also welcome.  Tuition for non-members is:

    • $4,200 for first participant from company
    • $3,700 for each additional participant

    Register Here 

    Note: MCAP contributing firms receive a 75% reimbursement of the registration fee (up to $4,000 total, per class per company) with paid registration and class attendance.  Please contact Barbara Canoni at canoni@agcmass.org or 781-786-8917 if you have any questions.

  •    2017 AGC Massachusetts Young Contractors Professional Institute
    Seminars run 2-6 pm, with light supper and host organization tour
    With BSA = joint sessions with BSA Young Designers
    Date Topic Instructor, Host Organization
    1/19 | Accelerating Your Career Development | Building on your strengths; addressing your weaknesses.  Understanding key construction success factors, differentiators. Setting goals that matter, get-ting started now to achieve them.

    Brittany Boilard, Columbia, YCPI 2016; Joe Roach, Sea Dar

    At:  Bond Brothers, Medford
    2/2 | Improving Project Management | Understanding, using new project management methods.  Increasing project profit and quality.  Improving personal productivity, organization, efficiency, focus, planning. Bill Aalerud, Columbia Construction; Jake Simmons, Delphi Construction
    At:  Columbia Construction, North Reading, MA
    | Effective Architect /Contractor Teamwork | What were you thinking?”  Understanding predictable architect/ contractor differences; using differences as a resource.  Improving meetings, discussion, and follow through.  Solving problems, generating solutions. Marc Truant, Marc Truant Associates; Kimberly Plummer, Partners Health Care. 
    At:  Payette Associates, Boston, MA
    3/2 | Improving Writing Skills | Increasing email skills, impact, efficiency, results.  Writing reports more clearly, logically, quickly, thoughtfully.  Blogs and print, chronicling projects, tasks, experiences. William Ronco, AGC YCPI, Author, The Partnering Solution; Chris Floyd, CE Floyd
    At:  CE Floyd, Bedford, MA 
    3/16 | Strengthening GC / Subcontractor Partnering | Anticipating, addressing the predictable ways GCs and Subcontractors misunderstand each other.  How GCs and Subcontractors can work together to achieve greater results for the client and each other.    Kevin Daley, North Shore Mechanical; Chris Thompson, Delphi Construction
    At:  North Shore Mechanical, Danvers, MA 
    3/30 | Improving Presentation Skills |
    Increasing skills, comfort, confidence and influence.  Presenting more persuasively, easily.  Telling a compelling story.  Engaging all participants for productive discussion.
    Kathy McMahon, National Building;
    Alexandra Dupnik, Dyer Brown Architects
    At:  Commodore Building, Waltham, MA 
    4/13 | Managing Finances | Increasing project cost controls and profit.  Spotting, addressing project financial problems quickly. Achieving full financial literacy, meeting current standards.  Understanding company finances, your role and impact as a young contractor.     Scott Lerner, Consigli Construction; Mark Paronich, Delphi Construction

    At:  Consigli Construction, Milford, MA 
    | Leading Change:  BIM, IDP, Lean and Beyond | Applying the most current tech tools.  Defining BIM optimal uses.  Understanding, implementing Lean methods.  Using Integrated Project Delivery and  “IPD- Lite.”  Overcoming resistance to change. Chris Leary, AIA, Jacobs; Emma Corbalan, MIT; Janet Chrisos, MSCBA
    At:  Museum Of Plumbing, Watertown, MA
    5/10 | Improving Marketing / BD Skills | Why, how to get involved with marketing and business development.  Five pitfalls to avoid. Increasing your comfort and effectiveness with networking.  Why and how to connect with, market to existing and new clients.     Ed Bond, President, Bond Brothers; Margaret Neil, Consigli Construction
    At:  Gilbane, Boston, MA
    With BSA
    | Increasing Negotiations Skills | Recognizing your negotiation style, strengths, and weaknesses. Identifying negotiation hot spots in your work.  Approaching negotiations to achieve 1 + 1 = 3 results.  Mary Feeney, Esq., Bowditch & Dewey; David Hancock, AIA, CBT;

    At: CBT Architects, Boston
    6/8 | From Manager To Leader | What got you here won’t get you there.  Identifying, addressing the 4 construction leadership gaps.  Using 360 surveys to increase awareness.  Building both strategic and collaborative leadership competencies.  Learning to learn. Steve Eustis, Commodore Builders

    At:   Commodore Builders, Waltham, MA
    With BSA
    | What Clients Really Want | How contractors and architects misunderstand, frustrate clients. Responding to client needs in different market sectors.  How to increase client satisfaction and repeat business.

    Johannes Fruehauf, Lab Central; Kim Plummer, Partners Health Care; Ralph DeFlorio, Harvard University; Chris Cronin, Town of Andover

    At: Lab Central, Cambridge, MA

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