• Chapter 149A Task Force



    Co-Chair, Jon Rich, W.T. Rich, Co. Inc.






     Co-Chair James Apodaca, Commodore Builders








    Bob Petrucelli, President & CEO, AGC MA




    AGC/DCAMM Meetings Update

    The Task Force met in April and again in July with new DCAMM Commissioner Carol Gladstone and her leadership team.  On April 7, a small delegation met to explain that the goal of the Task Force is to establish positive communication and dialogue with state agencies on how their respective processes, procedures and contracts impact CM at Risk projects in the public sector.
    The Commissioner was very open to meeting with us and to be educated on our issues. There was agreement to work towards establishing an agreed upon set of ‘best practices’ that the public agency and CM can expect on the administration of CM projects. (as well as Chapter 149 projects where applicable.)
    On July 14, the Chapter 149A Task Force met again with Commissioner Gladstone and her team to specifically discuss recurring issues between AGC members on DCAMM projects. In advance of the meeting, AGC CM’s were asked to list and rank their most frustrating experiences. The list arranged the issues into 2 buckets – “Project Process Issues” and “DCAMM Contractual Issues” and was shared in advance with the Commissioner and her staff to tee-up a more engaging dialogue.   
    After much discussion, there was an agreement by the Commissioner to set up 3 AGC/DCAMM “Best Practices” working groups designed to address the highest ranked issues.

    • Change Order/Requisition/Delays/Project Close-Out Process  
    • Issues re: establishing the GMP
    • Legal Issues/DCAMM Contract Terms

    DCAMM’s George Matthews and Susan Goldfischer were assigned to spearhead the groups, but there was agreement to start with one at a time. Task Force will be notified when the first working group convenes in the fall.
    With respect to the Gilbane/Coghlin appeal, there was agreement that no matter how the pending litigation goes down, AGC and DCAMM should continue to meet on a regular basis in an open dialogue to ensure best practices. Of course, since then, Judge Zobel issued her decision.   
    AGC MA appreciates the opportunity to be working with DCAMM.

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